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Joseph W. Young Jr., and the City Beautiful. A Biography of the Founder of Hollywood, Florida

Hollywood, Florida is included in Robert A. M. Stern's "Paradise Planned," as a notable garden city in the classical tradition, planned by one man, Joseph W. Young. In his lifetime Young was acknowledged as one of the major city builders in boomtime Florida. Together with his city planning skills, Young had a rare talent for publicity and a knack for making and spending millions, supported by an immense personal charm. This first full biography of Young covers his start as land developer in Long Beach, CA (1902-16), Globe AZ (1917-18), Indianapolis (1918-19), New York City (c. 1930), and Old Forge in the Adirondacks (1929-34), together with his Hollywood (1920-34). As early as 1922 Young called his town a "City Beautiful."

A Guide to Historic Hollywood: A Tour through Place and Time

Joan Mickelson
Nestled between Palm Beach’s exclusive boutiques and the lavish lifestyle of Miami’s South Beach rests the charming city of Hollywood, Florida. The charismatic land developer J.W. Young first envisioned this prosperous and well-appointed town in the early twentieth century, and within in a few short decades carved an elegant resort town from “a veritable wilderness.”

Divided into two parts, A Guide to Historic Hollywood, by local historian Joan Mickelson—the daughter of a city pioneer—provides a history of Hollywood’s formative years as well as a guide through the historic streets of this beautiful Florida city. From the roaring twenties to the post-war fifties, Mickelson highlights the buildings, people and events vital to the history of this now thriving coastal landmark.

A Guide to Historic Hollywood brings to life Hollywood’s characters and pioneers, which have shaped the city through its long and diverse history. Let this book be your guide as you explore the unparalleled wealth of history that Hollywood has to offer.

Hilla Rebay: In Search of the Spirit in Art

Joan M. Lukach
Biography of Hilla Rebay, 1890-1967, born in Alsace, became a U.S. citizen, died at her home in Connecticut. Contains lengthy excerpts of correspondence from artists and art dealers. Several chapters based on the informative and entertaining exchanges between Rebay and Frank Lloyd Wright. Illustrations, footnotes, bibliography, index. 366 pages.

“Severini’s 1917 Exhibition at Stieglitz’s ‘291’.”

Joan M. Lukach. "Severini's 1917 Exhibition at Stieglitz's '291'." The Burlington Magazine, April, 1971, pages 196-203 illustrated
A seminal article with complete illustrations documenting the first exhibition in the United States by an Italian Futurist, Gino Severini.